Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes, in Plain English, the steps taken by HelloLeads to safeguard the privacy rights of users of our Hosted Service, as well as visitors to the website, including how HelloLeads accesses or otherwise engages with different types of data. Our mission is to provide website owners with information related to the value derived from their digital advertising investments. We do this by observing user activity on participating In our pursuit of these business objectives, we adhere to the fundamental principles of transparency, user control and data security. DirectMail2.0, LLC., is our parent company and will share no data with anyone else unless requested and with their permission.

Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time, in which case we will post an updated version on the Privacy section of our website. Changes to this Privacy Policy will take effect 30-days after the updated Privacy Policy is posted to our Web site’s privacy page, located at [domain where this policy resides]

Information Collected

Duly authorized website owners will insert a small bit of computer code on their websites. This code directs a user’s web browser to contact HelloLeads servers, record non-personal information conveyed by the user’s browser, including but not limited to browser type, Internet service provider, IP address, a cookie containing a unique ID number, the website or ad you have visited or accessed, and whether (and/or to what extent) you responded to an ad.

It is important to note that our Service is not designed to collect or process any EU personal data. For more information, please see GDPR

We Do Not Collect Personally Identifiable Information or Sensitive Consumer Information

Our Service does not collect Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") or Sensitive Consumer Information (“SCI”) about individual users for any purpose. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, (i) PII means any information that could be used to identify a user, such as the user’s name, social security number, phone number (fixed or mobile), email address, credit card information, or any other data that could be used to personally identify the user; and (ii) SCI means sensitive information about a user such as financial account numbers, insurance plan numbers, or information about medical conditions. For purposes of this Privacy Policy PII and SCI are referred to collectively as PII.

To the extent any of our Partners (as defined below) gather PII, we pseudonymize and/or aggregate such information in a manner that cannot be used to identify an individual user. For example, in some instances we cross-reference non-PII information with a “hashed” version (i.e., a coded version) of a corresponding physical address or email address. We do this to provide more transparency to advertisers regarding the users who engaged with their ads, and although we maintain statistical and aggregate information about such users, we do not create profiles of specific users for any purpose.

Our Service does not currently use or seek to obtain information about a user’s past browsing history (i.e, websites visited) or Web-based purchasing history. In addition, we do not use a user’s current GPS geographic location to target an ad unless we or one of our data or inventory Partners have previously obtained permission to do so. Because we do not have a nexus with a user before the user generates a specific bid request, we rely on inventory partners to adhere to contractual requirements and applicable regulatory and self-regulatory guidelines, including any requirements related to obtaining user consent to access the user’s geographic location.

If we intend to obtain or use this information in the future we will update our Privacy Policy accordingly, as described above, to clearly delineate a user’s rights; provided, however, that any user is free to Opt Out of any such future practice or use of User-specific behavioral, geocoding or interest-based targeted advertising by clicking here:

We may share aggregated data, or non-PII data with third parties.

If you have any questions about this Policy or our privacy practices or feel your personal information has been improperly handled, please email us at

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