Market to the 96% of site visitors who leave without taking any action

HL uses a variety of data points to determine the physical address of the person who has visited your website.

What is this beneficial? We know more than 96% of people who visit a website do not convert. Meaning they don’t make a purchase, they don’t fill out a form. They just leave and until now that information or a way to follow up with them was gone forever unless they return and give you their information.

Using a combination of IP Address, deviceID, location as well as past cookies is able to triangulate with high certainty the residential and/or company address of that visitor. In additional to just the address we also can report on what actions they took while on your site, like what pages they visited most, how much time they spend on each page, what amount or percent of each page they scrolled through, how many times they clicked links on your site, if they submitted a form or added to a shopping cart. All of these actions are carefully calculated into what we call an Engagement Score. This score goes from 0 (worst) to 5 (best) so you can select only the most active/likely to covert leads for follow up. Or you can target all leads if you so choose.

Again we only provide address but you can also append those addresses with the name of the person who lives there, their phone and email so you can get more aggressive if you like in following up with those potential prospects.

Additionally, you know which pages they interacted with most so you can carefully craft a targeted offer that is relevant with the pages they spend the most time on. The more targeted the offer the more likely they will covert.

You can all of this for pennies per visitor! What is that worth to you?