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Not at this time. Regardless of any future changes in the laws we are not dealing with any personal or private information. We do not even provide the names of the visitors or any other personal information. We only provide a postal mailing address of the property the visitor lives at. Postal addresses of properties are public information. Read our privacy policy

Once you have signed up for the 14-day free trial you will get a pixel or short string of code that you will need to put on your website to start tracking your visitors. There is no way around this part. We have provided several videos as well as instruction on how to do this yourself. It is possible you will need some help from the person who built your website. You will definitely need access to your site. We do not have access to your site and cannot do this for you.

The monthly charge to sign up is for the reporting of how many people we traced back to their residential address. For this small fee you can tell, real time, how many potential leads you are missing. Small price to pay for this information. You are not obligated to buy a single lead EVER if you don’t want to.

If you choose to purchase the leads you will able to download a .CSV file that contains the residential address of visitors we have identified along with the number of page views they had while visiting your site along with the date and time of their most recent visit.

This is new and cutting-edge technology in a very quick changing sector. That being said when an address is provided we guarantee that they are 95% accurate…meaning the website visitor resides at the address returned in our service.

It should be known that not all devices or IP address will resolve back to a residential address. We are seeing wide variations in terms of percentages from 20 – 80% devices are tracked back to a residential address. This could be if people are coming to your site from their workplace desktop computer or they are transient and move often or recently got a new phone or tablet, if they are student living in student housing, spent time out of the USA, in the military, etc. We do know the longer the tracking code remains on the site the more accurate and more leads you will get!

They are a literal gold mine! I know direct mail may seem dated in today’s digital age but it is still the most effective way to reach your target market. In today’s world each person receives over 2900 marketing messages per day. A physical printed offer in the security of one’s own home will get results! Millennials are coming back to the tactile. Our site will refer you to one of hundreds of printers or agencies that will help you get your direct mail campaign off the ground!

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No problem. We have partnered with a very respectable data company who can take your list and offer you names, emails, phone numbers etc., for an additional fee per lead. You will deal directly with our data partner in terms of price and support.
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It can be used for both! However, you will not get the names or addresses of businesses that went to your site. You will only get the home, residential address of where that visitor lives. So, if he was at work and using his phone we will return the address where he lives. If he visited your page from his work desktop it's likely we won’t be able to return any address.

You can cancel at any time by emailing Your billing will stop with the next billing cycle. There will be no refunds or prorated billings. If you didn’t request cancellation before the 14 Day trial ended you will be responsible for at least one months payment. Upon cancellation your reporting will stop and your dashboard and reporting access will be removed along with any purchased leads you failed to download. So be sure to purchase your leads and download them before you cancel! No exceptions.

At this time we do NOT have a way to filter those out. So yes, you will have to pay for ALL the leads you download. Our leads are priced very cheaply in comparison to the high-end lead capture companies who charge between $5-25 per lead.

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